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IBFSA-Treffen 2007
1. International Bike Festival
at the Schloß Ahrenthal in Sinzig

A well organized meeting, with a beautiful location, good food and drink at good prices, great camping sites, great bathrooms (rarity at motorcycle rallies), a very good live cover band, nice films about very interesting adventure motorcycle trips, off-road track, short-but-pretty ride to the church for a bike blessing, and some vendors.

But something obviously went wrong, because of the expected 1,000-5,000 guests only about 50!!! showed up (advertising?).

The entrance fee was pretty high, and some of the vendors didn't really offer much. E.g. the Continental tire company came with a huge truck, but then only put 3 tires in front of it, and that's it. Touratech as well just put two bikes and a large stack of catalogues in the courtyard. The band was really good, but I was nearly leaving when the local "Super-Star"-Rapper acted as a opening band. The prices for beer and wine were good, just a shame that we were there with the bike ;-) Even though we live in Sinzig, the Schloß (castle/palace) is so far out of town, that we didn't want to walk there.

I heard that the organizers spent about 20,000 Euros on the band, caterer and so on. The income certainly wasn't more than 1-2,000 Euros, so I guess this was the first and last IBFSA.