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Horizons Unlimited Meeting 2010

in Petrolia, California (The Lost Coast)

August 19 - August 22, 2010

It was a really interesting meeting with about 50 participants. There were lots of presentations and some work shops, like changing/repairing tires, camp cooking, and emergency repairs. The participants were all nice and interesting, and the highlight of the meeting was the small talk and experience exchange every night.
But there were some down sides to the meeting too. Unfortunately the famous Ted Simon didn't show up, and it was never formally announced that he wouldn't be there -- word just gradually tricked around. The off-road-clinic was canceled (which I was really looking forward to), and some of the presentations were beyond boring and certainly not for experienced motorcycle travelers (at least not the presentation style).
I found the hosts (Grant and Susan) more interested in selling T-shirts and DVDs and their company rather than being hosts -- like walking around the camp site and talking a little to everybody and being more personal. This is their business, and they have to make money off it, but I don't think that we need to feel it so much.
This is not supposed to sound too negative, all in all Jayne and I had a lot of fun at the meeting and are really glad we attended. But it probably will be a while until we attend another HU-meeting, because we want to do some actual traveling!