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NAATS 2010

(North American Africa Twin Summit)

July 26 - July 30, 2010

Since there are only about  25-30 Honda Africa Twin's i the whole of North America, the owners are a close community, but one knows each other mainly through ADVrider.com. The first meeting was in 2008 with 5 riders. This year there were even 12 of us, but this includes one Transalp, two AfricaAlps (Transalp modifications) and one BMW. The riders came from Oregon, California, Colorado and Canada.
We met in Eugene, Oregon and had planned to ride mostly on forest roads and gravel roads to the Alvord Desert in south east Oregon. It started off with powdery silt, then it changed into deep mud, until we then ended up on paved roads. Because of a bad crash of one rider, and food poisoning of three others (Country Kitchen, Burns, Oregon), I ended up being the only one who actually made it to the desert.
All in all it was a fun meeting, even though the end was different from the original plan. At least now I have met some people in person, which before I only knew from the online forum.